Kitten Magazine

Kitten Magazine is was developed as one of the first online digital fashion magazines in the world. We helped develop the iconic logo along with the unique tilting typography seen in each issue, and when they wanted to do print and DVD video editions we were there to build out the products as needed, maintaining the style of the brand across each platform into the future. To see more please visit:

Mike Vensel

The Mike Vensel brand was established back in 2007 as a an eco friendly, minimalist, contemporary clothing line. Sevense has been there from the beginning, developing the simple, yet elegant lowercase logo and typography, the branding and art direction for the photography, the design, layout and development for the website, production for the fashion shows and virtually ever other visual aspect of the brand. To see more please visit:


Concept shows were developed as an alternative, independent fashion show production platform in New York and Los Angeles. We developed all aspects of branding and built out each production including locations, lighting, sound, staging. In addition we also built co-branding with sponsors such as; Audi, Tony and Guy, Fiji Water, ACE Gallery, British Fashion Council and more. With more than 200 shows produced we are on board for the long run. To see more please visit:

Mineral Essence

Mineral Essence is a cruelty free, natural cosmetic line based in Southern California. We created print and digital graphics, spearheaded a website revamp, implemented an online store, produced product and advertising campaign photography and created packaging for new and existing products. In addition we helped to develop in store co-branded displays for ULTA, Sears and CVS beauty. To see more please visit:

Siberian Floors

Siberian Floors is a luxury flooring brand based in Russia with showrooms in New York, Miami, LosĀ  Angeles and London. We developed print advertising for international design magazines, environmental graphics for billboards and even spearheaded a re-design of their Los Angeles showroom. To see more please visit